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Getting help is easier than you think.

A great way to learn quickly and effectively is with one-to-one lessons from a highly experienced instructor. I can guide you step by step through video editing basics using the newest features of Adobe Premiere Pro. All lessons are private with pay-as-you-go pricing or discounted package rates.

Virtual lessons. Concrete results.

Save time and easily fit lessons into your schedule by getting concrete results without ever leaving your home. I conduct lessons via video chat customized to move at your pace and level of experience. You can record lessons with online features designed to remove the need for hand-written notes. Most of my students are beginners who learn both HOW to edit and WHY to edit with easy to follow methods that bring videos to life.

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Student Testimonials

“I first called Alexis to help me to migrate from five years of editing with Final Cut Pro to zero experience with Adobe Premiere Pro. His input surpassed all my expectations. He is not only a fabulous editor and teacher but more importantly, he is a knowledgeable thinker of filmmaking – a real pro!” – Rick Meghiddo, Architect/Documentarian

“I absorbed so much technical knowledge and creative inspiration from you… what a big difference it has made in my editing already. Thank you!” – Jennifer Wicks, Executive Producer

“Alex came to me on a recommendation for some editing help I needed. He was terrific. Very thorough, professional and helpful. Went above and beyond what was asked. Would highly recommend him in any capacity.” – Mark McDevitt, Writer/Director


Lesson by lesson (two-hour minimum each)
60/hr via video chat; 70/hr in-person

Special four-lesson package (eight hours total)
440 via video chat; 520 in-person *

* Distances over 30 miles from my location incur a travel fee.